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Bedford Established in as Narragansett 5 for the benefit of soldiers who fought against the Narragansett Indians in RI. It was regranted first as Souhegan East, then incorporated as Bedford in Bennington This area was settled prior to The town was part of Society Land and was comprised of former portions of Hancock, Greenfield, Deering, and Francestown, the town was named in commemoration of the Battle of Bennington , fought on August , , near Bennington, VT. Vermont’s Bennington was named for Governor Benning Wentworth. Brookline First a part of Dunstable, then settled as West Hollis, the town was granted in as Raby. The town was renamed in at the suggestion of one of the town’s leading citizens, who hailed from Brookline, MA. Deering Formed from area earlier known as Cumberland. Formed from New Boston, and a portion of Society Land. Situated on the Second New Hampshire Turnpike, the sole route between Boston and Vermont, the town once collected a toll of one cent per mile from travelling coaches and wagons.

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The Bill clearly had Government support. The Bill was a revision of the Madhouses Act in the light of a few years experience. It consolidated the Act with the Amendment Act and made detailed alterations intended to tighten and make the provisions more effective, but no major or dramatic changes.

georgina “Dating Old Photographs, ” ~ Interesting article with many photo examples that help you date your photos of men, women and children by their dress.

Hookworm Experts Are Here! On this day in , a small notice appeared with other brief local news items in the Athens Banner: In the report issued a few weeks later by the commission, they singled out the State Normal School’s initiative: In the State Normal School, at Athens, Georgia, the student teachers are being given instruction in hookworm disease to the end that they as teachers may be able to give definite instruction to the children in their own schools.

The work done at the Normal School was part of the report focusing on educating primary school children about “the dangers of soil pollution and how to avoid them. The hookworm larva typically infects through the sole of the foot, migrates through the bloodstream to the heart and lungs, and then matures to adulthood in the small intestines of its mammal host.

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B 9 May in Edinburgh according to some sources. Resigned to become an Anglican priest. D 20 February at Twickenham “in 73rd year”.

The Family Chronicle team is a group of genealogy experts and enthusiasts who came together in September to produce Family Chronicle, the magazine for families researching their roots.

My gt gt grandfather John Deeley and his family, wife Mary, sons Abel , Josiah , Joshua and 1 daughter Rachel all lived at no: When I found your site I must admit I nearly dropped my tea! I know there will not be anyone alive from that time, but if you can find anything, or recommend anywhere else to look, I would be very grateful. Many thanks, Ian 19th October Hope you are fit and well, you do a great job for us Brummies and I write to you to ask a question? Would anyone know the name of the pub that was facing the Ice Skating Rink.

It was right next door to the Nurses home, it’s not the one on the corner of Powel Street The Top Stores but the one facing Goodman Street and it had a long corridor at the side which had the Outdoor in. The reason I ask is that everyone seems to remember it except for its name and as you know it’s vital for us ladywoodites to know everything!!

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Old Photographs – Cambridgeshire Photographers – Gr – Gz Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages. Percy Graham was an established photographer in Bedford when Huntingdon photographer Arthur Maddison died in Arthur Maddison’s widow, Julia, leased Arthur Maddison’s business to Percy Graham on condition that he trained her son, Frederick Hinde, in the business.

How to date photographs by fashion. One of the most effective ways to date a photograph is also one of the simplest: look at what the subjects are wearing. Dating Old Photographs (Niagra Falls, New York: Moorshead Magazines Ltd, ) Elizabeth Owen, Fashion in Photographs (London: Batsford, ).

However, although Engels wrote in the s, his book was not translated into English until the late s, and his expression did not enter everyday language until then. Credit for popularising the term may be given to Arnold Toynbee , whose lectures gave a detailed account of the term. This is still a subject of debate among some historians. Important technological developments The commencement of the Industrial Revolution is closely linked to a small number of innovations, [24] beginning in the second half of the 18th century.

By the s the following gains had been made in important technologies: Textiles — mechanised cotton spinning powered by steam or water increased the output of a worker by a factor of around The power loom increased the output of a worker by a factor of over The adaptation of stationary steam engines to rotary motion made them suitable for industrial uses. Iron making — the substitution of coke for charcoal greatly lowered the fuel cost of pig iron and wrought iron production.

The steam engine began being used to pump water to power blast air in the mid s, enabling a large increase in iron production by overcoming the limitation of water power.

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Incorporated in (and known as “Holles”) by Governor Benning Wentworth, the town takes its name from a very old English localhost:81or Wentworth’s ancestor, Thomas Wentworth, first Earl of Strafford, was married to Arabella Holles, daughter of John Holles, Earl of Clare.

Women and New Orleans: Brasseaux – all the extra copies have been sold; and, the Center for Louisiana Studies, Univ. John 30 miles above Grand Falls. It has been occupied since by Acadian refugees from the expulsion of and the descendants. A Dictionary of Louisiana Biography 2-Vol. Conrad General Editor – Price: The author discusses the religion, manners, eustoms, laws and forms of government of the confederacy of tribes composed of the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas, and gives accounts of battles, treaties, and trade with these Indians up to The text is reprinted with few changes other than romanization of much of the italics, omission of beginning quotation marks except at the opening of a quoted sentence or paragraph, and the correction of some obvious typographical errors from the reprinting of the edition of Part l and from the edition of Part An Introduction to an Ethnohistory by James H.

Dormon [Hardcover] – Price: Craven [Softcover] – Price: Rachel O’Connor was born Rachel Swayze. Appendix I of the book has a genealogical chart.

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Kanistanaux Horton Discussion The first photo appears to be the same image used on the postcard I posted recently and I will refer to it here as the PC photo. Based on her physical appearance, I believe the picture I have of Lee-o-netto and Charles Dodge was taken at approximately the same time in her life. I will refer to this second photo as the Dodge photo. Here are the two faces side by side for comparison.

She appears free from the winkles and sag of age in both images.

Chris – photographs by the joyful heart of reference to describe the siriusxm radio historical researchers in , dating old photos to. Who the ancestry with good old .

Their clothing was functional, not fashionable, and changed little over the years. However, a few small details can be observed in the evolution of the farmer’s attire that can give a relatively rough date. Below are several representative images of farmers from the mid th century through the mid th century. During the 19th century, sack coats worn by the man on the left , button down shirts, and soft, felt hats, usually wide-brimmed, were frequently worn.

The men in the image below, which dates from the s, wear overalls, but they were not as commonly worn until around the s. Image courtesy of Joan L.

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