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A recurring question that comes up during almost every firefighter escape or bailout class is which anchor hook most people use and why. We like to train firefighters with the equipment they have, but the hook debate always seems to cause some passionate opinions on which is best and why. No matter what system you are using you must know how to use it properly in any and all conditions that you may face as a firefighter. We have students that ask if they must wear structural firefighting gloves when they take our classes. As you can assume our response is always the same, you should practice as you play. We feel like if you cut corners in training scenarios, you will repeat your training performance when under stress. So we encourage students to put themselves in situations that are realistic to what they will face in real situations.

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Our hook has been around for over 25 years of successful service as the “official” hook of the FDNY. Developed by the experience of over 20 years of service in the busiest fire houses in the FDNY, if not the world, during the ‘s and ‘s the War Years. Our all-purpose head, aircraft steel shaft, chisel end, and celtex grips makes up this unit.

The All Purpose Hook is the New York City Fire Department ‘s standard hook made to exact specifications in every detail. It is the most versatile hook used in the fire service today. Featuring a multitude of uses, from opening ceilings, walls, floors, moldings and casings, to the rapid removal of wood, lath and plaster.

Mental stress[ edit ] As with other emergency workers, firefighters may witness traumatic scenes during their careers. They are thus more vulnerable than most people to certain mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder [28] [29] and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Mental stress can have long lasting affects on the brain. This time period considers that no other high level sound exposure occurs in that hour time frame. In addition to high sound levels, another risk factor for hearing disorders is the co-exposure to chemicals that are ototoxic.

Firefighting worldwide The Paris Fire Brigade is a French Army unit which serves as the fire service for Paris and certain sites of national strategic importance.

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Saving Lives is our top priority and this is the reason civilians respect firefighters so much. Respect is huge and should not be taken likely. I think generally most civilians respect the average firefighter and place them on a pedestal in comparison to other occupations. Firefighters should respect this and work to continue this admiration that has been placed on our calling.

Applicants must take and pass a firefighter oriented skills assessment relating to minimal fire ground operations such as a hydrant hook-up, placing a ground ladder, working with ropes and knots, minimal Haz-Mat scenarios, general fire ground knowledge.

Monday, February 19, Subject: We started with 87 and graduated Everyone was a honor man in my humble opinion. It took all of us to get through. I went through 2 hell weeks as i was hurt but finished. You know the German Kraut. I would love to indoctrinate these young men. I bet I could get the attritation rate even lower.

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Less money, less personnel, less companies and less support. This of course trickles down to us on the street and puts added pressure on us. While we can complain at the kitchen table all we want, write blog posts, picket with signs, carry on media campaigns etc. So as a result we are all going to have to start getting used to the fact that things are going to change. We are going to have to do more with less.

I was part of a training evolution once where a two-man truck was asked to ventilate the roof.

Then the firefighter came around the corner carrying the chainsaw and a pike pole. He walked over to where the officer had set the roof ladder down and placed his saw and hook there. He too then walked back around the corner.

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What do you want to be when you grow up? When eager children think of shiny red engines racing through the streets with sirens sounding, thick hoses gushing with water, Dalmatian dogs, and long, long ladders with lots of steps, their answer is…a firefighter! There are many steps up the firefighting ladder to becoming a firefighter.

But the children are correct; it is a noble goal and a rewarding way to serve your neighbors. Hand-in-Hand Fire Company welcomes members of our Bird-in-Hand community to consider joining us as firefighters or support staff. As we talk to potential members, we determine their expectations and then look at their skills.

Being a firefighter is physically and mentally demanding. A first thing first, in 24 BC the idea of a firefighter was created. This firefighter had the opportunity to work plenty of overtime and was able to plan his future and can live a comfortable life working as a firefighter.

As you view this page, always keep something in mind. Fire service terms vary greatly from place to place. No doubt you will read terms here you have never seen. There are more than five different names for a stand-by fire rescue crew. What one department calls a “Halligan” another may call a “Hooligan Tool” and another may refer to the same piece of equipment as a “Pro Tool”.

Young or new firefighters also tend to believe that their department’s way or terminology is the only way, or that their department invented the term. Of course sometimes they do. Resident’s of community’s will also believe that their fire department represents all fire departments and has the same terminology, practices or traditions as those across the country.

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Modeling physical training off the Firefighter Combat Challenge is an inexpensive way to keep your crew in shape. In this photo, firefighters use a piece of webbing to drag their teammate 50 feet to the finish line. The frequency of emergency calls, public education events and apparatus maintenance can interfere with daily PT. But failing to keep firefighters active is not only dangerous for their safety on the fireground, it is also dangerous to their overall health.

One of the most popular fire service athletic events is the Firefighter Combat Challenge FCC , in which skilled fire service athletes go head-to-head in grueling physical challenges similar to the tasks they perform on the fireground. You can take the spirit of the FCC and create an event that is much like an improvised combat challenge.

Firefighter Turnout Gear Call Today • localhost:81 • [email protected]:81 • Hook and loop take-up straps at waist • Padded forearms • Brass zippered front with hook and loop storm flap • Stand up collar with hook and loop closure. ECO

A fire information officer PIOF generally provides fire-related information to the public, for example. Branch chiefs and division chiefs serve as management on branches and divisions, respectively, as the need for these divisions arise. Investigators may be called to ascertain the fire’s cause. Prevention officers such as forest rangers may patrol their jurisdictional areas to teach fire prevention and prevent some human-caused fires from happening to begin with.

Radios, vocals, visual signals such as flagging and mirrors, literature such as an IAP or incident action plan, whistles and mobile touch-screen computer terminals are some examples. This is due to the wide coverage provided and the ability to communicate in a one-to-many format. Relm Wireless is a company based in Florida, U. The other up-and-coming company entering this niche market is Midland Radio. Conversely, fires or portions of a fire that have previously been engaged by firefighters may be treated as fire use situation and be left to burn.

All fire suppression activities are based from an anchor point such as lake, rock slide, road or other natural or artificial fire break. From an anchor point firefighters can work to contain a wild land fire without the fire outflanking them. Large fires often become extended campaigns.

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When it’s your job to keep firefighters on their toes, you’ve got to come up with a variety of firefighting training ideas. It’s not easy being a working woman in such a male-dominated field, especially as a training program manager or officer. But if you take the time to understand the situations your firefighters face, you can help them prepare much better. Firefighters might need training in several areas, from proper use of equipment to hazmat training to properly deal with chemicals and hazardous materials.

Safety Equipment Before a firefighter begins to learn how to fight fires, she must first know how to use her equipment.

The Arson-Trash Hook was developed to find hidden fire in deep seated smoldering fires usually found in dumps or dumpsters. The normal hook just won’t pull trash in large quantities.

It is the most versatile hook used in the fire service today. Featuring a multitude of uses, from opening ceilings, walls, floors, moldings and casings, to the rapid removal of wood, lath and plaster. Specially Tapered Hook-Head Point: Can be thrust through all materials more easily than conventional hooks. Allows versatility whether pulling or prying. Reliance in head strength by using meehanite ductliron.

The adz on both ends are flared for a larger pulling or prying surface at the contact points. Super Strength Solid Fiberglass Pole: End bent or broken poles forever.

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Friday, June 15, The value of the trash hook For several years I didn’t see much use for the trash hook. I would use it to move trash around after a putting out a dumpster fire, but it didn’t really do a good job at that. The best use I found at the time was to push or pull around debris after a structure fire. A while back we attended a truck company class put on by TC ESD 11, and learned the huge value of a good trash hook.

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A group of off-duty uniformed firefighters got into a drunken bare-knuckled brawl at a Bronx bar on Wednesday — just hours after they were honored for their heroics by the mayor and fire commissioner, the Daily News has learned. The ladder and engine guys were fighting with the Rescue 3 guys. The brawl got so out of control that bouncers sprayed at least one firefighter with pepper spray as they broke up the fisticuffs, sources said.

Cops were also called. A video taken of the aftermath showed a group inebriated, unsteady firefighters — their shirt tails untucked and sleeves rolled up — arguing with each other. One firefighter is seen pushing a police officer trying to break the fight up. Other firefighters held the soused smoke-eaters back as they talked to the cops.

Where the cops at! I have nothing to lose. Nor were any police reports filed. Bouncers reportedly had to mace at least one firefighter to break up the argument.

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